The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

There are, essentially, two types of leaders: those who are egocentric and self-advancing, and those who are objective, authentic, and put the organization and its constituencies first. The former may have short-term success, but leave chaos in their wake; the latter typically enjoys long-term success and leaves a lasting legacy of the path to success. Leaders that interpret events and circumstances through the objective, authentic...

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Protecting Your Investments

You have invested your time and money; now invest in the knowledge to protect it. Understanding the type (liability, EPLI) and scope of your insurance policies, exclusions, and terms such as per occurrence, aggregate, claims made, tail, excess and umbrella is a necessity. Do not wait until you have a claim to discover you do not have coverage. Come to this highly beneficial session to…

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Hospitality Law: A Manager’s Guide to Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry, 5th Edition

Hospitality Law: Managing Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry, Fifth Edition takes an applied approach to the study of hospitality law with its touchstone of compliance and prevention. The book is highly pedagogical and includes many interactive exercises and real world cases that help students focus on the practical application of hospitality laws and model their decision process to avoid liability. As a result, this book…

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Creating Mutual Event & Meeting Contracts

Finally, a Rational Approach to Meeting and Event Contracts. In this presentation Stephen discusses how you can quit wasting time re-negotiating the same clauses in meeting contracts. He explains how clauses can be mutual win/wins for the buyer and the supplier. Brush up on your negotiation skills and arm yourself with vital contacts knowledge in this seminar about contract negotiation. “This guy is outstanding!” – Hyatt…

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Legal Compliance Review for Hotels

Let the founder of, Stephen Barth, bring your audience up-to-date on the key legal issues and food service regulations that they face daily. This interactive program is packed with prevention and compliance techniques that can be implemented immediately.     “Best presentation of the conference!” – International Travel and Tourism Educators

Legal Compliance Review for Private Clubs

This presentation is tailored directly to private club operations. This presentation answers many crucial questions such as: Is my club really private? Can I terminate this employee, and if so how? What do the EEOC, Title VII, ADEA, and FMLA stand for, and what do they require? Am I performing services in a safe and efficient manner? You will leave this seminar on legal compliance…

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