Managing your Emotional Energy Webinars

To view Stephen Barth’s Managing Your Emotional Energy 3 part Webinar series please click here.

Part 1: Managing Your Emotional Energy: Why do we React the Way we Do?
Part 2: Managing Your Emotional Energy: Charting Our Course for Positive Pro-Actions
Part 3: Managing Your Emotional Energy: Transitions from Negative Reaction to Positive Pro-Action

Positive Leadership for Positive Performance

Strengthening leadership skills via positive methods. A dynamic seminar that will provide the necessary techniques for coaching, teaching, and facilitating the work of your employees in order to enhance the commitment and productivity of your workforce while simultaneously increasing retention rates.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to create clear direction and expectations
  • Develop enhanced motivational techniques
  • Capturing the synergy that arises from teams

To view Stephen’s Positive Leadership for Positive Performance On-Demand Webinar please click here.

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