Featured in Columbus Business Journal

The Columbus Business Journal featured as a boon for information sharing for hospitality lawyers and those in the travel industry, food industry, and more. The site allows hospitality executive to ask questions about hotel compliance, restaurant legal issues, and anything else that is on their mind. The site will also put them in touch with nearby lawyers for more detailed counsel.

The outfit and its Web site are the brainchild of Houston lawyer Stephen Barth. His Web-based business aggregates legal, safety and security information, as well as products and services related to the hospitality industry. Now in its fifth year, the site is appropriately dubbed

Many operators don’t have access to legal education and information, Barth says.

“If I work for Hilton or Marriott, I have counsel, but if I am a franchisee, companies are reluctant to give a franchisee legal advice. That is the niche we are trying to fill. You find that 90 percent of the Web site is free and accessible to anyone in the world who wants to look at it. We want to create a cost-effective way to get that information out,” Barth says. “Our goal is to bring people together so that they can help each other.”

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