Recommended Reading: The Carrot Principle – Adrian Gostik & Chester Elton

The Wall Street JournalFortune, and The New York Times have all touted The Carrot Principle as one of the best management books for inspiring employees to grow and to become more productive. The principles have helped numerous managers gain profits and improve their work environments. According to The Carrot Principle, the most successful managers are those who recognize their employees on a consistent basis for their contributions and talents. Praise is found to be more effective in inspiring employees than constant critique. This book not only documents research on this trend, but also lays out fundamental techniques to enact these principles in one’s management style.

Essentially, managers should lead “with carrots, not sicks” for the most beneficial outcomes in productivity, engagement and retention.

Stephen teaches many of these principles in his motivational management seminars and in his talks on emotional intelligence (the strengthening of which encourages greater productivity, creativity and balance).

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