Study Documents Reduction in 911 Calls After Casino Anti-Smoking Law

The effects of long-term exposure to secondhand smoke have been researched extensively, but new research points to dramatically adverse effects resulting from immediate exposure as well. Casinos are some of the final establishments to remain unaffected by smoking bans. Some regulate smoking to particular parts of the casino, while others allow smoking throughout. Both systems expose patrons to high levels of secondhand smoke.

This study documented the amount of emergency ambulance calls in Gilpin County, Colorado before and after introduction of anti-smoking laws. The county first banned smoking in all public establishments except casinos. Emergency calls from all public spaces aside from casinos dropped dramatically. The rate of calls from casinos remained the same. After a further ban that then included casinos was enforced, the rate of calls from casinos also dropped suddenly and dramatically.

It is clear that there is some correlation between immediate health risks and secondhand smoke exposure. This new research provides yet another set of anti smoking facts that cannot be ignored.


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