Indianapolis Event Potential Increases After Announcement of Smoking Ban

Organizations seeking venues for events often pass on Indianapolis because of the city’s poor air quality. Indianapolis has allowed smoking in bars, taxis and hotel rooms for some time, but on June 1, 2012, the city passed a ban on indoor public smoking in these areas to improve air quality for visitors.

Not only did the ban do well to clean up the air in Indianapolis, it also ushered in a huge amount of potential business, especially for the hospitality industry. Many organizations refuse to hold events in cities without smoking bans, and the new law has changed the game for business owners looking to cash in on large conventions. More health, science, technology, youth, and sports-related events than ever before will be held in Indianapolis. Despite past worries from resident business owners that the ban would be bad for the economy, now ‘whatever losses the businesses might have sustained are seen as potential gains for the hospitality industry.’


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