Hospitality Industry Dealing with Hackers Targeting Hotel Electronic Door Locks

It’s easy to believe that electronic hotel door locks are safer than the manual kind. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. Hackers have recently been disseminating information online about methods for hacking electronic key locks, and they are scarily simple. The hacking equipment is also very easy to make.

Two recent hotel thefts have been attributed to hackers, because there was no other reasonable explanation for the break ins. A man in Houston was also arrested suspected of stealing laptops at the Hyatt in the Galleria Mall by hacking into rooms.

In October, Petra Risk Solution, a well-known hotel insurance-related company in the hospitality industry, issued its hotel clients an alert headlined, “Crime Alert – Onity Guestroom Door hackers are for real.”

Petra released the following advice for hoteliers:

“Please train and notify your hotel staff that these burglaries are spreading across the country,” Petra’s alert cautioned hoteliers. “Hotel staff should be vigilant while they are on the guest floors and paying attention to guests walking through hallways. … Take time to watch guests walking through your hallways to ensure they are going to a room and entering it. Be very suspicious of someone carrying a laptop or small bag wandering the hallways. Greet guests and ask them if they need assistance.”

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