Article by Stephen: Ban Smoking and Lighters in Planes and Airports: Fire and Jet Fuel? Everyone Knows Better

In this article by Stephen Barth, he lays out a strong argument supporting a ban on smoking and having lighters in planes and airports. With the items that are confiscated at airport security, why are passengers allowed to bring lighters and other incendiary devices on planes while shampoo is confiscated? Stephen argues that a smoking ban would not only make airports healthier for all travelers, it would make air travel much safer.
I strongly encourage a ban on incendiary devices aboard planes, whether a person carries it in his/her clothing or stores it in a carry-on bag.  We should also ban smoking on airport premises, including parking facilities. No one has a good reason to have a match or lighter on a plane, and yet most people will be surprised to know their fellow passengers may legally board an aircraft with an incendiary device. For everyone’s safety, this ban must be implemented immediately.
Originally Posted HERE on June 6, 2013
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